About us

With Alive to Earth you contribute to essential solutions for climate change and nature conservation

Climate change and loss of nature have huge consequences. Especially for people in developing countries, while they emit the least greenhouse gases per person. The consequences will only increase if we do not drastically reduce our impact on the climate and nature quickly. That is why we, like most scientists, believe that we should live in harmony with the earth and nature as soon as possible. With Alive to Earth you contribute to this in the most simple and optimal way possible.

Alive to Earth creates a world in which people live in harmony with the Earth in the using the most beautiful, effective and simple methods. With the maximum positive effect on the climate, nature and people in developing countries. Three solutions make all the difference: Plant trees in Tanzania, invest in climate projects and reduce your own environmental pollution with useful tips.

Everything is interconnected. Our small actions also influence the behavior of others. The behavior of us together determines the future of this planet.

Awareness makes the transition easier

Many practical actions are needed to combat climate change and loss of nature. But the more awareness we have of the state of the Earth and how dependent our well-being is on it, the more likely we are to do these actions. That is why Alive to Earth also focuses on creating more awareness, with inspiring articles, videos and campaigns.

Definition of Alive to - idiom
: aware of (something) : able to notice (something)

Florian Meeuwsen

Florian Meeuwsen (1991) studied Global Health at the University of Maastricht. After his studies, he worked for several years as a project manager at ELIV in Taipei, an organization dedicated to solving poverty and social problems in local communities in Asia. There, Florian became increasingly interested in the relationship between people and the earth and the impact of climate change. Alive to Earth was born from this combination of study, work experience and the desire to make a positive contribution to combating climate change.