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Plant trees and take EcoSteps to be climate neutral starting now

At Alive to Earth we know planting trees and reducing carbon emissions is essential for the climate, nature and our well-being. That’s why we plant protected trees in Tanzania and you get EcoSteps so that you easily realize both.

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3 simple steps that create a green, sustainable future

Your complete, nature-based approach


Pick how many trees you want to be planted

Simply click ‘Plant trees’, pick and safely order them. There we give guidance on how many trees to plant to be climate neutral.


We plant the trees, you become climate neutral

We offset your carbon footprint by responsibly planting trees. So you live carbon neutral and no longer worsen climate change.


Take your eco-friendliness to the next level

We help you live as eco-friendly as you like with handy EcoSteps. So you easily lower your environmental impact.

Go from the problem:

I cause pollution and worsen the climate crisis

To the solution:

I live truly eco-friendly and 100% carbon neutral

With Alive to Earth you take care of this planet

You likely know about the state of our favorite planet: Climate change is rampant, ecosystems are failing and pollution seems unstoppable. Luckily scientists have shown we can solve this… if we take the right steps together.

Many people care and want to act. However, they often find it hard to take the optimal steps on their own. That’s why we offer a simple, proven path forward to reduce and offset your carbon footprint fully.

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This is where we restore degraded lands


The local leaders of this project in Tanzania have over 10 years of experience, so your trees are carefully and responsibly planted in protected reserves.

The projects help to realize the
UN sustainable development goals

Our local partners support the Global EverGreening alliance

UN Ecosystem restoration

Our local partners support the UN decade on Ecosystem Restoration 

Big benefits


Trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen, so planting them naturally offsets your carbon footprint and fights climate change. But by planting with us, your trees have even more benefits:

For nature

Restore biodiversity

Over 20 different local species are planted to restore biodiversity

Prevent soil erosion

The roots of the trees prevent soil erosion and landslides

Grow well-protected trees

We plant trees in protected reserves so they are not cut down

Improve water conservation

Trees help to hold on to water, so that the soil quality improves

Plant trees that survive

Trees are expertly planted with a high survival rate of over 92%

For people

Reduce poverty

The local people plant the trees and receive income

Provide food for local people

Fruit and nut trees help farmers and provide food for local people

Regulate extreme heat

Trees cool the air around them so that it doesn't get extremely hot

Provide nature education

Children learn about nature and plant trees for school projects

Get all tree planting details

For each tree you receive its exact location and photo after planting

Cooling down the planet step by step


The vision behind our work

the big why

The climate crisis is like a wake-up call to become more aware of our relationship with the planet we live on; to be more and more ‘Alive to Earth’. And this relationship needs many great practical improvements to keep our planet habitable and avoid ever increasing environmental destruction.

That’s why Alive to Earth’s purpose is to accelerate the transition to environmentally conscious living so that we create a truly sustainable, green planet together. If you feel this is a worthy pursuit too, consider joining:

The time is now

Check 'be carbon neutral' off your to do list today

How it works

We plant your trees in spring and autumn in reserves in Tanzania in collaboration with excellent local partners. This way you:

Live carbon neutral so you no longer worsen the climate crisis when you plant enough trees to offset your carbon footprint

Revive nature and support the local people in Tanzania

Get your own profile page with your trees’ unique certificate, photos, and precise location that you can share

And you get these extra bonuses as well:

Improve your environmental impact at the source


We need at least two Earths to maintain our current lifestyle. But with our EcoSteps you get all the required tools to change that:

Live more eco-friendly with the help of our EcoSteps (useful articles, e-books, and videos)

Get practical EcoSteps every two weeks based on the most recent insights from experts

Improve not just the environment, but likely your finances and well-being as well

Realize sustainability projects for people in developing countries 


If there are funds left over after your trees are planted, we fund projects that reduce carbon emissions in developing countries. For example, by installing solar panels, wind turbines or less polluting stoves.

Improve the quality of life of the local people while you support sustainability projects

Empower local people living in regions that are likely to be hit hardest by climate change

The projects are Gold Standard certified, so they follow international standards and guidelines

A green, sustainable planet

Starts at just € 5,- a month for 10 trees, enough for most people to live carbon neutral. So join us now and:

Plant trees to revive nature and offset your carbon emissions

Live environmentally friendly thanks to our EcoSteps

Support sustainability projects in developing countries

Answers to common questions

Because climate change is a problem that has been created through countless actions from billions of people (though some more than others) it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that what we do as individuals doesn’t matter. But the collective is only made up of individuals. It is each individual, company and government that will have to become more environmentally friendly in order to solve climate change.

Then of course it is easy to think, this individual, company, or government isn’t doing his or her part, so why should I do my part? Well, as more and more people and businesses become environmentally friendly, it becomes less and less acceptable for others to not do their part. There is a network effect. Therefore your small (or big) contributions truly make a difference!

As long as carbon is offset responsibly, for instance by carefully planting indigenous trees, it is a really great for the planet. There is less carbon in the air and nature revives.

However, it can not be the only solution to climate change. We also need to live in a more environmentally friendly way and reduce our carbon emissions. Simply because at some point in the (far) future there won’t be enough land to plant trees.

Carbon offsets also give us more time to complete the transition to a completely sustainable society. And this time is absolutely needed, because the transition is a massive undertaking.

That’s why Alive to Earth offers a complete solution: offsetting your carbon footprint responsibly while helping you live in a more environmentally friendly way as well.

We will certainly add locations in the future, but they will likely be in developing countries.

To tackle climate change, it does not matter much in which country the trees are located. But if you want to plant a lot of trees, in some countries, such as the Netherlands, this is a lot more complicated on a large scale than in countries with more space, such as Tanzania.

In addition, planting trees gives much more benefit to the local people in a developing country. There it provides food and income, while this is needed a lot less in the Western world.

We plant your trees in the spring and autumn. In this way the weather conditions are ideal and they can grow well.

As soon as your trees have been planted, we will update your profile page and you will receive a message via e-mail.

At Alive to Earth, our goal is to plant as many trees as possible in a responsible manner. We are therefore not after high margins or a lot of overhead, but prefer to simply plant a many more trees. We are ‘mission driven’.

It is also not necessary to grow trees until they are large, but they can be planted quite young with the same result. This saves a lot of work, space and costs.

Alive to Earth is a social enterprise. That means we are technically a business, but reinvest all profits in sustainability projects for local communities. To reinforce this social character, we are working to get a B Corp certification soon.

Once your trees have been planted you receive proof of the planting in the form of photos of your trees, the precise location on google maps and a unique certificate. This way you can be sure that your trees have actually been planted.

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