We plant trees for a sustainable, green planet

Additionally we invest in climate projects and help you lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. This way you offset your carbon footprint and contribute to essential solutions for climate change.

Contribute to three solutions for climate change with one subscription

Offset your full carbon footprint by planting trees

Planting trees is the best way to offset your carbon emissions and restore biodiversity. Alive to Earth plants trees in reserves in Tanzania in collaboration with the Friends of Usambara Society foundation. This not only helps nature and the climate, but the local people as well.

Support climate projects in developing countries

With the money left over after your trees are planted, we finance projects that reduce carbon emissions in developing countries. All projects help the local population and carry the Gold Standard certificate. For example installing solar panels and wind turbines, less polluting stoves and sustainable waste processing.

Reduce your environmental impact

With our current lifestyle we need at least two planets like earth to sustain ourselves. The good news is we have all the tools to change that:

Every week you receive EcoTips (useful articles, e-books, tools and videos) that help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle. There are even tips that are not only better for the planet, but also for your well-being and wallet.

Planting trees does more good than simply offsetting carbon emissions

Planting trees is one of the best ways to tackle climate change, especially when you reduce your carbon emissions as well. Trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen, which reduces greenhouse gasses. But planting trees with Alive to Earth has even more advantages:

Poverty Reduction

The local people plant the trees and receive a stable income

Prevention of soil erosion

The roots of the trees prevent soil erosion and landslides

Trees with a high survival rate

The trees are expertly planted with a high survival rate of 92%


Children learn about nature and plant trees for local school projects

Food for local people

Fruit and nut trees help farmers and provide food for the local population

Recovery of biodiversity

Many different local species are planted to restore biodiversity

Trees that grow well-protected

The trees are planted in protected reserves so that they grow as long as possible

Transparency and accountability

After your trees are planted you receive their exact location and photos


A sustainable, green planet

The climate crisis is like a wake-up call to become aware of our relationship with the Earth. Hence: Alive to Earth.

Alive to Earth helps you live an environmentally conscious life and improve this relationship. In practical terms, this means: reducing carbon emissions and environmental pollution and restoring ecosystems by planting trees.

Start living a green life today

Plant trees monthly, contribute to climate projects and get all the essential tips for living an environmentally friendly life.

Common questions

We plant trees every spring and autumn. This way they get enough rain and they grow well.

As soon as your trees have been planted, you will receive an e-mail from us. The email links to a page where you can see your trees and their location.

After about 10 years, your trees have absorbed enough carbon (about 150 kg) so that your emissions offset.

In addition to planting trees, we also support projects that reduce carbon emissions at the source. All projects help the local people and carry the Gold Standard certificate.

Examples are the installation of solar panels and wind turbines, less polluting stoves and sustainable waste processing. We will announce the specific projects for 2021 here later this year.

The more trees people plant with Alive to Earth, the higher the percentage of your contribution that will go to climate projects. That’s how it works:

Our goal is to reach between 15% and 20% in administration, management, management, technology and development costs by 2021. That is very efficient compared to other NGOs. The larger the scale, the easier it is to achieve such a low percentage.

From the 80% to 85% that remains, we plant your trees first. What is left then goes entirely to Gold Standard climate projects that tackle carbon emissions at source. And help the local people in developing countries.

A big advantage is that when we bundle the contributions, as happens with us, the projects are financed much more efficiently. immediately that is enough money to get started, so that the same project is realized with less money than when many small donations have to come to them over a longer period.

As soon as the projects are realized, we send you an email with proof and photos of the project. It appears on the website as well.

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