Use truly green energy

About 10.8 percent of humanity’s carbon emissions come from residential energy use and a big part of that is electricity1, so if you have the option in your country it’s a great step to get sustainable, green energy in your home. But not all energy that’s labeled green, is truly green. There is a lot of ‘greenwashing’ going on. So make sure to select the right provider with the following tips.

Is this EcoStep suitable for me?

If you live in a country and a home where you can select an energy provider, then yes, it is for you, even if you already have green power.

How to pick a truly green energy provider

It is possible that the ‘green power’ you purchase is only called green because emission rights have been purchased (often in Scandinavia), while the power generated by the energy company mainly comes from coal-fired power stations. So the energy company is not directly contributing to the transition to sustainable energy. To make sure that you pick a truly sustainable provider, you can check the following aspects:

Do they specify the energy mix?

It is a good sign if the company can specify, how much of their electricity comes from wind, solar, water, nuclear and fossil fuels. You should be able to find it on their website or you can ask them, but if they don’t specify it is likely not something to be proud of.

Do they produce new sustainable energy locally?

If a company mentions their energy comes from their own sustainable wind, solar and water projects in your own or neighboring country, that is a great sign. They truly help in the energy transition directly in your region and are not just buying up green energy certificates from other countries.

Are there third parties that have investigated how sustainable they are?

In some countries there are reliable third parties that investigate how truly green energy providers are. Like Greenpeace does every year in the Netherlands. So do a google search and see if in your country something like this exists.

Do they offer good rates for the power from your solar panels?

If you have solar panels and you produce more than you can use, you give it back for the grid. How much you get paid for that differs from country to country and from every supplier to energy supplier. So checking this could also help decide if you if you want to stay or go to a better provider.

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